Camper Paradise at Kiboko Bush Camp

Campers Paradise is a camping area within Kiboko Bushcamp. Guests staying in this area lodge in smaller, non-permanent tents. These are the canvas tents commonly used by campers in the US, Europe and Australia. We provide tents for people staying in Campers Paradise, however, if you have your own tent you are welcome to use it on our camp grounds. Many of our camps include small single beds if you don’t want to sleep on the ground!

Our grounds are a popular choice for budget overland travel companies and we have plenty of parking for their trucks.

Campers Paradise Facilities:

- Vast secluded spacious camping area under shady acacia trees

- Central fireplace and barbeque area

- Thatched kitchen area with cutlery and crockery provided

- Furnished dining Area with stocked bar

- Well maintained communal showers and toilets

- Tents provided by the campgrounds if you need one.

- Huge parking area for light vehicle trucks.

Campgrounds where our budget campers can rest for cheap!

Grounds for our budget campers

We have many options for discount camping at Kiboko

Campgrounds at Kiboko

Toilets available for our budget campers

For information on our permanent, semi-luxury tents with beds and ensuite toilets, visit the page on Kiboko Bushcamp.