Thank You for visiting the website of Equatorial Safaris! Equatorial Safaris is one of the oldest and most established safari companies in Tanzania. It was started in 1987 when the Tanzanian government began to allow privately owned tourist companies to form. We are a founding member of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators. Our Membership Certificate is No: 0013! The many years of experience and operation means that we have faced and solved most problems that could come up when touring our country. We can anticipate problems and make sure they are solved quickly. Equatorial Safaris has been owned and operated by Roman Chuwa for the last 27 years. This company not only employs Tanzanians, it is proudly Tanzanian owned. Roman is a lifelong resident of the Moshi/Arusha area.

This website has been created by my nephew in America and his wife, so that it is easier for prospective clients in the US to contact us about our safaris. We have been popular with clientele in Japan and Europe but are beginning to attract more clients from the United States. We would like to foster thisĀ  interest by providing easier means of contact for people stateside. Our company is headquartered out of Arusha. Using a company whose offices are physically located in Tanzania means that you cut out the middle men. You will save significantly in the cost of the safari, plus will also be able to arrange any specific details of the trip instead of getting a one-size-fits-all package tour. We are always happy to work with you to give you the safari you have always dreamed of.

Sincerely, Roman Chuwa